Saturday, September 30, 2006


The hierarchical package view in Eclipse...

is real good.. if you're still in flat view, try to switch to hierarchical view : it's really clearer and easier to find the package you want, especially when your project becomes big (as Xith3D is).



Display Lists have been kindly implemented by Marvin Froehlich (one of the Xith3D team guy which I'm working with on improving the engine).
But it doesn't improvance performance for now cause it makes a display lists per copy of each animation frame, which means 300(anim frames)*1000(units) display lists with ~350 vertices = really bad on memory & performance.
But he/I/we're gonna fix that, maybe provide a display list per geometry instead of per shape (frame copies have the same geometry, just a different Shape3D).

Friday, September 15, 2006


New developers on the way...

We *may* welcome some new developers soon.
Lordi may focus on the AI, and we still haven't found a job for the other (but reading the whole source code will already be a job).

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Cal3D - continued

Heheh, ok the XML format isn't needed anymore.. Why ? I just took a look to the script, and here's what I found :

# Set to 0 to use Cal3D binary format
XML = 1

Interesting, hehe ? So it works, and perfectly. And oh wait I'll see how long it takes to load.. wait.. 99ms to load completely the Bowman (archer), vs 4-5 seconds precedently. Neat, heh ?

Sunday, August 06, 2006



OK, Cal3D Blender Export now works perfectly, but I had really no change, though as the Cal3D team suddenly decided to make a new Cal3D XML format (XMF, XSF, XRF, XAF versus old binary formats CMF, CSF, CRF, CAF) so I'm currently working on theKman's codebase to add capability to load these new file formats, as blender2cal3d only exports in the new XML format (no choice). Fortunately, cool java API JDOM will permit to implement that relatively easily-

When finished, this will permit much much shorter loading times (takes actually ~9 seconds to load 2 big armies with all created units). And maybe even performances increase (Cal3D include Level-Of-Detail features).

Another great feature of Cal3D is animation blending : we can set walk animation to 40% and attack to 60% and we have a cool mix. Really, really useful for seamless transitions.

Saturday, August 05, 2006



Heheheh, you didn't spotted the error, did you ?

This is a bug I took 2 minutes to resolve... The udpate() method wasn't being called.. but hehe it was supposed to override the update() method of the parent class.. I wondered why it wasn't marked as an overriding method in Eclipse and well I realized it wasn't correctly written.

Now maybe you guessed I was doing a whole new menu system. It's based on Swing and the Eclipse Visual Builder and it's great pleasure to work with it. Almost everything is visual and I do *love* the great amount of Swing widgets (I know how difficult it is to get it right, as I did my own small widget set for the new Xith3D HUD system).

Well the menu is pretty neat. It's transparent so you can see a grunt (fantassin) walking and fighting just behind the menu.

When I will have some more images from Sylvain for the major menu items it'll be some more beautiful.

Here I must apologize for I don't put any images on this Blog. It's just because I like to make surprises and when a beta comes out you will be amazed at all far the game is.

Saturday, July 29, 2006



How great is that tool !

Actually I'm installing Windows 98 under Ubuntu, while blogging and listening to some cool music (Yanni power !).

Now I'll be able to test Stratagem on Linux and Windows at the same time.

And.. maybe if I get an OS X version that runs on x86 I can test on Mac too !

Thursday, July 06, 2006


ObjectInput/OutputStream (continued)

I already said it was crap, but I didn't think it impacted that much on performances ! The difference in performance between the true local version and a server running locally with a client connected and a dummy bot is incredible !

I profiled a bit and found that ObjectInputStream.receive() accounted for 55% of the processing time !!!!

Ahem I'm gonna switch to ByteInput/Output/Stream :)

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